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Information for Consumers Who Use Levitra

Male impotence, or erectile dysfunction, is a serious condition. It is also common, with prevalence more likely as men age. Presently, nearly 10 percent of men who are forty years old experience erectile dysfunction at some point. This will increase to about 60% by the time men reach 70. However, it can be treated with phosphodiesterase inhibitors. Levitra is often prescribed to men suffering from this disorder.
Guidelines for Use

Before taking Levitra, your doctor will conduct a thorough physical exam and review your medical history to make sure this treatment is appropriate for your situation. Of particular interest are your heart condition, general vital statistics, and underlying medical conditions that may prevent you from safely using the drug.

This drug should not be used by men who are currently taking a nitrate drug, such as nitroglycerin, for heart problems. Interaction between these drugs can result in stroke or heart attack. Engaging in recreational drug use while taking this medication can be equally dangerous.
Typical Dosage

Prescribed dosage is based on your age, medical history, and personal situation. The pill is available in four dosages: 2.5mg, 5mg, 10mg, and 20mg. Never take a higher dosage than prescribed by your physician. It is not safe to take more than 20mg at one time.

Take a dose approximately one hour before sexual activity. Only one dose should be taken within a 24 hour period. You can take a tablet with or without food but be aware that when taken with food containing high levels of fat the amount of the drug that is actually absorbed into your system may be reduced.
Common Side Effects

Like other medications, it is possible to have an allergic reaction to this medication. Warning signs will include hives, trouble breathing, and possible swelling of lips, throat, tongue, or the face. If any of these symptoms occur after taking Levitra, seek emergency medical treatment as they can become life threatening.

The lower the dosage, the fewer possible side effects you will likely experience. The most common complaints occur during sexual activity and include dizziness and nausea. Taking Levitra may cause sudden vision loss which results from a decrease in blood flow to the optic nerve in the eye. If you experience any of these effects contact your physician.

It is recommended that you seek immediate medical attention if you have an erection that lasts more than 4 hours as this can cause irreparable damage to your penis. These side effects are more prevalent in men with other serious health conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart disease.


When to Use Levitra

Erectile dysfunction can cause embarrassment and anxiety in men. It affects their self-esteem and relationships. The reality is this is a common disorder that most men will experience at some point in their life. There are medications, phosphodiesterase inhibitors like Levitra, which men can take to temporarily overcome this condition. Based on your medical history and current medical conditions, your doctor will let you know if this treatment is right for you.
Maximize Results

If you are prescribed this drug, there are ways to maximize its results. Levitra is most effective when taken about one hour prior to sexual activity. The medication will only work in concert with sexual stimulation. You should not experience an erection just because you take a tablet. Do not expect to feel an increase in desire as this drug does not work as an aphrodisiac. The medication will remain active for up to four hours.

You do not need to take the medication on a daily basis. Simply use it when needed. At least 24 hours should pass between doses. The maximum dose is one 20mg tablet. You can take Levitra with food but avoid fatty foods which can reduce absorption of the medication into your system, diminishing the drug's effectiveness. Drink plenty of water and avoid grapefruit juice. Be sure your doctor is aware of other medications you take in order to prevent harmful interactions.
Minimize Risks

There are risks associated with this medication. It should not be given to men who have not been diagnosed with erectile dysfunction. Men who take medication that include nitrates should not be prescribed this drug as it can create a dangerous drop in blood pressure. It should not be consumed for recreational purposes. The most common side effects are nausea and dizziness during sexual activity.

You can minimize risks by using Levitra only as instructed. Your physician will indicate how you should use the medication – any deviation from those directions can result in complications or permanent damage. Never change the dosage without first consulting your physician.

An erection that is painful or lasts beyond four hours is cause for emergency medical attention. This is a situation that should be taken seriously. If the condition persists without treatment, there can be lasting damage to the penis. This medication has proven to be one of the most effective treatments for erectile dysfunction regardless of the cause. Men benefit from taking this drug by improving their sexual performance which results in greater satisfaction for them and their partners. 


Benefits of Using Levitra

Men who experience erectile dysfunction often suffer from secondary conditions such as depression and anxiety. When impotence is effectively treated, the other conditions will improve as well. For this reason, men should consider taking Levitra which is a phosphodiesterase inhibitor. This medication works by preventing blood from leaving the penis so it can remain erect for a specific period of time. The benefits derived from using this drug are myriad.
Physical Benefits

Levitra helps men maintain healthy sexual activity which has physical benefits. Sex has proven to be a great stress reliever because it lowers blood pressure. It can also improve the immune system. Weekly sexual activity can increase the production of an antibody that protects you against infections like colds. Because it is a physical activity, sex that lasts at least thirty minutes can burn up to 85 calories which can add up over time. And, as with most physical exertion, you will likely sleep better. Men who are sexually healthy often have better overall physical health.
Psychological Benefits

The anxiety that results from erectile dysfunction can overflow into all aspects of a man's life. It can negatively impact relationships, job performance, and general mental well-being. This drug can improve self-esteem in men as they become more sexually confident. Levitra can enhance a man's sexual performance which makes him and his partner feel better. As a result, his anxiety will eventually dissipate as he regains a healthy self-image.
Sexual Benefits

Sex, in general, makes you feel better because of the release of a hormone called oxytocin. This "love hormone" can increase intimacy between partners. Men who take Levitra can experience greater sexual satisfaction. Their partners will also benefit from the quality of the resulting erection. Because the erection can be maintained for an extended period of time, intercourse can be sustained longer. And the intercourse is more satisfying.

Because it is convenient and easy to take, this medication is a non-intrusive addition to a weekly health regimen. The tablet should be taken about 60 minutes before engaging in sexual activity. Only one pill should be taken in a 24 hour period. Maximum daily dose should not exceed 20mg. It is not necessary to take this pill daily.

Side effects can be minimized by following the instructions on the medicine label. Your doctor may provide additional recommendations on use. You can take the tablet with or without food – be sure to drink plenty of water so the medication is properly absorbed into your system.